Open Frame/Grid Configurations

Frame doors are supplied standard with open back. 0-1003

Frame doors can be slotted with vinyl retainer supplied. 0-1004

Mullion profile will match frame.

  • If not specified, the default choice guidelines (based on height) are as follows: Up to 24″ = 4-Lite Grid; 25″ to 36″ = 6-Lite Grid; 37″ & Over = 8-Lite Grid
  • ‘Single-Lite’ (full view & no grid) is priced the same as flat panel doors.
  • All ‘Lite Grid’, ‘Single-Lite’, and ‘No Panel’ doors do not include any glass.
  • All #0-1004 ‘Single-Lite’ and ‘Lite Grid’ doors will include rubber glass retainer.